Monday, December 17, 2007

Apricot and Blender / Apricot e Blender

Well, Blender project has got the taste for it after their initial Open Source movie "Elephants Dream". Now they have the "Peach" project that will be more to the funny side. But the "Peach" isn't released and they already started "Apricot". Wich will be no more no less than a Open Source 3D Game with the characters of the "Peach" project! Let's hope they make a big splash like "Elephants Dream" was.
Bem, os senhores do projecto Blender tomaram-lhe o gosto após o seu primeiro filme Open Source "Elephants Dream". Agora têm o projecto "Peach" que será mais para o lado do humor e com as pesonagens do projecto "Peach". Espermos que eles consiguam o sucesso que foi o "Elephants Dream".

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